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custom orthotics for foot pain


Chiropractic in Morden MB is founded on the principle of prevention. All patients are recommended for prevention care.

Chiropractic Services in Morden MB

Our chiropractic care is gentle and effective. We’ll choose a technique that is best for your needs and preferences. You can rest assured that you’re in great hands. If you’d like, we’ll demonstrate our technique and show you our adjustment tables before we get started, so you always know what to expect.


Rehabilitation is often used for those needing a more tailored, intensive care plan to heal. If you’re looking for rehabilitation, Dr. Murray D.C. will set up a separate visit to address your healing.

Radiology X-rays

X-rays help us develop the most effective care plan for you, and alert us of any serious spinal conditions. Most people are amazed once they see their X-rays up close. In some cases, they can even identify their misalignments and degeneration themselves.

Custom Orthotics

A custom orthotic is a device designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They look like insoles but are biomechanical medical appliances that are custom-made to correct your specific foot imbalance. Custom orthotics work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes - they reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment. Designed to fit in your shoes, just like insoles. Learn More Here


Two styles of pillows are available, the Chiroflow water pillow which can be adjusted for your specific need. Also available is the Obus form contour pillow for anatomical support of the neck.

Manitoba Public Insurance

Injuries happen especially in car accidents. MPI covers the cost of Chiropractic care for injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

Workers Compensation

WCB will cover the cost of your Chiropractic care for injuries suffered from a work accident. We can help you with making your claim if you wish.


The health and development of a child is very important for development. Chiropractic care can help with the overall health of a child. Scoliosis screening is part of a checkup. Learn More Here


Stiff joints, arthritis old injuries may benefit from Chiropractic care.


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